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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.     How can outsourcing help my company?
A.     Outsourcing is a way to reduce expenses and overhead, while delivering your product on time.  Let BY HAND ASSEMBLY focus on the task, while you focus on the core area of your business.

Q.    What type of assembly projects does BY HAND ASSEMBLY perform?
A.    BY HAND ASSEMBLY will help with a full range of projects, from labeling and rework, to packaging and assembly; from one-time projects to large recurring production runs.   Please contact us so we can better understand your business and determine how BY HAND ASSEMBLY can help improve your process.

Q.    Can BY HAND ASSEMBLY be more efficient than hiring employees?
A.     At BY HAND ASSEMBLY, completing your project accurately and quickly is what we do every day.  The time your employees and management spent on assembly can now be utilized on energizing your core business.

Q.     Why is a "local" assembly company so important?
A.     Timing is critical in business, and definitely impacts the bottom line.  Working with a local company can reduce your transportation time and expenses.  You will also see a reduction in your inventory, overhead and an improved ability to make product changes.

Q.     We already outsource to another country.  How can you help our company?
A.     BY HAND ASSEMBLY is a local alternative, hiring local employees, stimulating the local economy.  We can help you reduce the long lead times and minimize the political and economic impact involved when working with companies in other countries.

Q.     Is this a long-term commitment?
A.     BY HAND ASSEMBLY will help you with one-time, long-term and ongoing projects.  Our goal is to help you improve profits and achieve success today and tomorrow.